Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit Review

Overview About Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit Review

 The Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit is a very special and great selling shoe for Nike. So we think why not have to do a Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit Review. And surely it is a good choice for buyers.

So when the Nike Zoom Vaporfly came out it is on its hype because of its marathon practicality and design. When you see the shoe it is a very attractive color scheme and design which makes it appealing. And New York time examine it again which sure that this is a shoe gives you an edge.

However, the Nike Zoom Vaporfly is limited in production, and the shoe costs 250$.

Interesting about Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit

So now we came to Nike Fly Flyknit Review again why we appreciate this shoe because it contains most of the things and technology of Nike Zoom Vaporfly. And the Nike Zoom Fly FLyknit is a comparatively low price shoe that makes it economical and affordable.

The Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit is considered that is the little brother of Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%. It is a running shoe that makes for neutral pronation. The difference in both of the shoes is that the new Nike Zoom comes with a widely popular foam.

The foam of this shoe is very responsive and shock reducing nature to make each step comfortable and responsive. The upper part of the shoe made from Flyknit Cleatie, it is a one-piece system of wrapping that gives rise to the feeling wrapped by a cloth.

The shoe is very breathable and flexible and it also helps the foot to bend and very impressive throughout the running sessions.

So we jumped in to make a thorough review of this shoe. and if you want to read about Nike Revolution 5 click here.

It is a lightweight shoe of about  230 grams, This lightness of the shoe is because of its carbon fiber plate which is the toughest and lightest, and expensive material. That is why it is very light in weight like the previous models of Nike Zoom Fly.

The shoe has a 33 mm thick heel which is quite a thick heel and absorbs a great amount of pressure. We saw this amount of thickness in the previous models of the Nike Zoom Fly.

Some of the other great shoes in this league with this characteristic are these ones. Altra Trion Intelligence costs about 199$ with a 28 mm heel. Which is 5 mm less than Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit.

Another one is the Hoka Clifton 5s which cost about 130$ and a heel of 30 mm. Which is 3 mm less than the Nike Fly Flyknit.

Another one is Brooks Glycerin 16 which costs about 150$ which has a 32 mm heel which is about the same as Nike.

And if You want to check the best affordable running and standing shoes click here.

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Key Feature (Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit)

  • It has a transparent upper look of fast with the inner sleeves and low collar match up to your foot.
  • A carbon fiber plate inside the midsole helps to expand or shrink the fiber layers for maximum flexibility.
  • This carbon Fibre material is the hardest and lightest material in the world and it is the plus point in this shoe. 
  • The arch band attaches with laces which to take the pressure of the foot easily.
  • The Heel arches of the shoes are away from the user’s ankle which helps to provide relieve pressure on your Achilles tendon. 
  • Very lightweight shoe with a thick heel.
  • The lightweight upper potion provides breathability.
  • The shoe has a removable insole.


The Nike foam tech is Nike’s top priority and it is the answer to other companies cushioning technology.  The full-length foam midsole of Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit is aimed to strengthen the toe-off and to lessen the effect of landings.

Its thickness confirms that it is the best shoe for running for those who prefer intense running sessions. It has a material called carbon Fiber. 

The carbon fiber material is a real, significant, tough, hard, and advanced piece of technology, which is used for confirming the excellence of quality in any product.

Carbon Fibre is also the strongest and lightest material which gives you durability and extra energy return without any added weight in the shoe.

The carbon plate of the shoe is a very tough material and it helps the user foot to expand or contract according to conditions.

This carbon plate is placed in the main reacting unit that reinforcing the whole unit. This helps the users in gearing the foot towards the energetic toe-off.

This plate bends with the motion of the foot and retains its form when the pressure is released and giving an energetic experience.

The shoe also contains cushioning under the foot which is an add-on for the wearers.


The heel portion of the Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit outsole is made from high-abrasion rubber. This rubber material provides the protection of the midsole from the harsh nature of surfaces. The rubber provides traction as it is an essential quality of rubber.

The forefoot section is formed from, foam rubber. This layer helps to provide traction because it is a part of the heel. But it is also flexible and spongy.

It provides some extra cushioning and helps the user in foot landing and liftoff as possible as it can be. 

The shoe has a high structure external pad surface of a polygonal traction pattern. This pattern heightens and increases the shoe grip.

The empty design groove that traces these shapes works as a flex point to increase the natural bending of the foot.

 The upper part of the shoe (Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit)

The shoe is made of a material called Flyknit which is used for the upper part of Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit. This Flyknit material is like a woven cloth.

This material is stretchy and airy build that makes socks wet-free during running sessions. And the upper laces hug your feet very greatly.

Since the upper part of the shoe is fabric without any plastic or reinforcing foam, the heel ends very floppily when you try to wear the shoe on your feet. 

The runners also wear this shoe without wearing socks that feel supportive throughout the running session or activity.

The one-piece opening of the shoe helps the runner to experience a consistent and all-around wrap of the foot. Due to the absence of the tongue unit it less the material bunching.

We think that the whole one upper piece makes some difficulty in wearing the shoe and makes the shoe put on uncomfortable but it is not in the case of Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit.

And also the exclusion of flywire makes the shoe more comfortable than if it had a flywire.

Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit fits greatly. Why?

An excellent lacing mechanism with flat laces and eyelets helps the user to adjust the shoe very precisely according to his foot comfort and without causing any difficulty on the instep.

The Nike logos are printed very greatly on the side of the shoe. These thin prints on Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit help the shoe to heighten the brand recognization and help the upper part when it keeping in place.

The upper portion of the knit helps the user to fit their foot very precisely and very shapely according to feet. It has a great amount of flexibility which helps the foot to move easily and freely which is always a big plus in this shoe.

There is a pull tab one piece on the upper part of the shoe that helps the foot to easily enter or exit from the foot chamber with ease and comfort.

It also helps to doubled and makes a hanging loop for when there is a need to hanged or hooked the shoe.

Here are all the verdicts, pros, and cons about Nike Revolution 5 according to experts and Users.  

Positive things about Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit

  • Many of the users acknowledge that the midsole unit of the Nike Zoom is highly and very excellently responsive to their movements.
  • According to some users, the carbon fibre plate of the shoe helps the foot of user in the making each step comfortable and springy as possible as it could be.
  • The Upper Flyknit material of the shoe is the best thing about the shoe from its competitors according to users which makes it stand out.
  • The users said that flyknit material is very good in providing a lightweight and breathable wrap to the foot.
  • several runners were happy and appreciate that this shoe is true to size and accomodating according to their size expectations.
  • The purchasers of Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit said that this shoe is strikingly attractive. Because of its great color scheme which makes it more attractive. 
  • According to many users, this shoe feels in the foot lightning-fast and very lightweight. Because of the carbon fiber plate which is light in weight and tough in quality.

Negative things about Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit

  • Some users said that the outsole of the shoe started to wear off after a few time of uses.
  • Some also said that the weight of the shoe is heavy according to their taste. Which emphasizes that it did not allow them to wear the shoe for a long time.
  • a few persons observe that the removing nature of the insole irritates them and caused the insole to shift from its place.
  • Some consumers claimed that the collar tended to rub against the ankles which cause discomfort.

Competitor and their comparison

The competitor of (1)Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit is (2) Puma Deviate Nitro. After doing the Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit review most of the features are the same in both of the shoes.  Because both the shoes are about for the same price and fall in the same league due to their specifications.

(1) It weighs about 230 grams (2) it weighs about 258 grams.

(1) It has a heel-to-toe drop of 10mm. (2) It also has a heel-to-toe drop of  10mm.

Both the shoes are breathable.

Both The shoes also contain carbon fiber plate material.

(1) Nike shoe is not good for jogging. (2) Puma is good for jogging.

(1) Nike Zoom Fly is best for racing sessions. (2) Where the Puma is comparatively not good for racing. 

(1) Nike contains Flyknit upper material. (2) Puma contains reflective mesh upper material.

(1) It has great flexibility. (2) It has moderate flexibility.

(1) It has 22 color options. (2) it has only 1 color option.

(1) It has a forefoot height of 23mm. (2) it has a forefoot height of 28mm.

Final Decision

So according to us, Nike makes the best list of running shoes. And the Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit is one from the list. And that leads us to do a Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit review. 

Yet it has some faults according to some users but I still believe that it is one of the best Nike running shoes and not much to complain about this shoe. It is one of the best performance shoes when it comes to being responsive on roads. 

If you have a habit of striking the heel then you may not find this shoe very great. The upper of the shoe is a bit loose but the reacting foam, the upper strength, and the carbon fiber plate in the shoe make it top tier and a good shoe for long-running sessions.

If you are an athlete or daily runner for longer runs then you have to try the one the best Nike.

Yet it is an expensive shoe but you got many great things in this shoe like a carbon fiber plate and a platform of best and limited production Nike Zoom vaporfly.

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