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Looking for a great Nike shoe. And you heard from someone about Nike run swift. Before you buy a Nike run swift you should have to know about the following things for this purpose we did a Nike run swift review and gathered all the vital information about this shoe.

And head to know that the following things are important about this shoe and also it is available to buy for both men and women.


It is a great-looking shoe. And the characteristics which a consumer wants in his shoe like, it is a lightweight smooth feeling, comfy, airy, and desirable shoe. We think you might like it. If you like to know about Nike Revolution 5 click here.


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Key Features Of  Nike Run Swift

  • It has a rubber sole which provides great grip to your feet.
  • A very fresh breathable and comfy interior.
  • Lightweight And easy moving feel shoe.
  • It contains flywire cable integrated with laces that allow a user to adjust the shoe and make a secure fit and it has a grippy material in the shoe.
  • A prominent Nike logo with its distinctive look.
  • Contain cushion foam that provides better cushioning and support.
  • Contain 18 colorways.
  • Very lightweight which is about 269g.
  • Contain a mesh airy upper surface.


  • In the shoe midsole, there is a phylon foam which is made from ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA foam pellets, this EVA material expended in heat and shrink in cold.
  • This material provides excellent cushioning whether you are steady or walking.
  • There is a phylon midsole that provides another layer of underfoot protection.


  • We saw that the outsole of Nike Run Swift is a rubber that has many advantages like it protect your feet from sharp surfaces like rocks and other non-firms surfaces. It has a unique pattern that gives you an excellent grip.
  • Due to the rubber outsole, it provides durability and more traction to the surfaces.
  • We notice that the rubber section of the shoe increases the cushioning and delivers much more support for a better ride.

The upper part of the shoe

  • The upper part of the shoe is made of mesh so it contains air in it and the shoe is designed to be that the foot always dry.
  • The mesh design makes it sweat-free and due to this airy mesh, the shoe did not make odor-causing bacteria.
  • Synthetic overlays are incorporated that provide durability and support in Nike run swift.
  • The shoe contains laces that make it easy for the user to adjust the shoe tightness.

Here are all the verdicts, pros, and cons about Nike run swift review according to experts and Users.

Positive things about Nike Run Swift

  • The consumers said that the Flywire cables provide the extra grippy tight feel.
  • Due to some extra grip, the user feels more confident after wearing these shoes.
  • The user said that these shoes are breathable and airy to feel.
  • Many wearers have said that the shoes are very comfortable in running or in gym sessions or in jogging like activities etc.
  • Several Buyers admire that it is a good lightweight shoe and they are satisfied with the quality and feel of the shoe.
  • Some users are happy that the shoe has a great amount of supportiveness and toughness. 
  • The buyers said that the Nike run swift is a great shoe and they buy it a second time because of its feel, quality, and other features.
  • The amount of cushioning is great which is ideal for a shoe and a user desire in his shoe.
  • People also liked it because of its price and they are happy and satisfy to spend on their shoes.

Negative things about Nike Run Swift

  • On a side where users said that it has great stability, some users said that it has less stability.
  • Some users said that when the upper portion rub against the skin it causes pain.
  • A user said that sometimes it makes a weird noise.
  • Some said that the shoe is a bit narrow.
Other than these negative things which are told by users it is a good shoe and most of the users and experts like this.

Competitor and their comparison

(1-Nike run Swift) is a good shoe and if you want to see about the comparison between its competitor or a shoe like this then here it is and other great Nike (2-Nike Renew Run).

  • Both The Nike’s have rubber sole.
  • (1) It has a  mesh upper which offers ventilation. (2)It has a dual-density midsole which gives you a soft and cushioned feel and also has a lunar foam. 
  • (1) It has a distinctive Nike logo. (2) it has a TPU-outlined Swoosh design trademark.
  • (1) It has a weight of about 269g. (2) It has a weight of about 340g which is a little bit heavy than Nike run Swift.
  • (1) It has a Balanced cushioning. (2) It has plush cushioning.
  • (1) The price of Nike Run Swift varies from (100$ to 150$). (2) The price of Nike Renew Run varies from (98$ to 115$). 

Final Decision

So our final verdict on the Nike Run Swift is that it is a good shoe for Runners and for gymming sessions and other sports activities. It is a well-priced show with a lot of great quality stuff. If you want to buy it for your daily routine so it is a great choice because of its lightweight (269g). We saw other great websites’ opinion and according to them, it is a great shoe.

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