Nike Romaleos 3: Best shoe for weightlifting Review


Nike Romaleos 3: Best shoe for weightlifting (Review)

The Nike Romaleos 3 is a weightlifting shoe. Weightlifting shoes which are also known as lifters are made for one and the only purpose, which is lifting weights. You cannot run, climb, jump or do anything else with it.

They offer the best stability so that weightlifters can squat, clean and jerk, and snatch heavyweights with the most stability. The most important feature of a weightlifting shoe is the heel raise. The heel raise will let weightlifters get deep in a squatting position with ease because it minimizes the ankle flexibility needed by them.

Weightlifting shoes are not like normal trainers. During weightlifting, you need a stable base to push off. In weightlifting shoes, you need a solid base from which to perform your lift and keep you stable. The Nike Romaleos 3s is the latest edition in Nike’s weightlifting shoe line.

They are an updated version from Nike’s previous Romaleos 2 edition, which has grown in popularity through a variety of strength sports. The Nike Romaleos 3 were designed as a hybrid lifting shoe, which means they can be used for a variety of strength sports. Nike uses their signature Flywire material to enhance the shoe’s flexibility and decrease the weight of Nike Romaleos 3. If you are a New balance shoe fan then you should check the New Balance 1080v10 a masterpiece.

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Key features of Nike Romaleos 3:

Size and Fit:

The Romaleos 3 comes in sizes 5 to 16.5 for women and 3.5 to 15 for men. They are also available in many other sizes as well. The shoe’s width is standard,B medium for women and D medium for men. The upper also features synthetic leather material which adds to a comfortable and secure fit.

Upper of Nike Romaleos 3:

The upper of the Nike Romaleos 3 is distinguishable with its synthetic leather material. It is a robust structure that helps with durability. The inside of the upper features a smooth fabric lining to increase comfort and minimize bruising. It has an unpadded thin tongue. The tongue is linked to the inside of the shoe by flattened straps on both sides. This design is beneficial to keep the tongue in place during movement.

The lacing system is made up of six pairs of eyelets so you can choose the level of tightness that is most appropriate for you. On the upper eyelets, Nike has used Flywire technology. This material is known for its ability to be lightweight and flexible. The cables help to support the top while maintaining the lightweight nature of the shoe. When you tighten the laces, the Flywire material increases the hold of the Upper. This is a feature for lifters who need a shoe to break in fast and feel comfortable right away.

The insole:

The Romaleos 3 have two removable insoles. One insole is firm for support while the other one is softer for cushioning during heavy landings. These insoles take off the pressure from your foot arches when lifters are lifting weights or pounding the treadmill. They reduce the risk of plantar fasciitis.


The weightlifter footwear has a pronounced heel and a 20-mm offset. The midsole is made of a thermoplastic polyurethane plate (TPU), which is made up of hard plastic and soft silicone. This mix of materials enhances the durability and stability of the midsole, which often shoulders heavy pressure when lifters are lifting weights.

Another feature that is the wide base and grooved-out construction is valuable to reduce the weight of the shoe. The best thing is the slightly raised heel targets to reduce the pressure on the Achilles tendon so that you can do those dumbbell squats without injuries.

The outsole:

The outsole of the Romaleos 3 is made of rubber material with honeycomb tread patterns to increase stability and traction. The rubber is designed to be hardwearing. It also has a thin forefoot section flexible enough to allow natural foot movement. The under-heel section features suction cups for delivering a firm stance while working out at the gym.

Foot Straps:

The Nike Romaleos 3s have one strap that sits around the mid-foot area. This is different compared to the previous Romaleos 2s that had two straps at the top and bottom of the tongue. The mid-foot strap was used to promote shoe and total foot stability. The strap itself is made out of a polyester seatbelt webbing-like material. The single strap design has both benefits as well as drawbacks. The Romaleos 3 strap has less thickness and length. This strap does not have excessive slack like previous versions of Romaleos.

Heel Construction:

The Nike Romaleos 3 have a hard thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) heel, which is a lightweight non-compressible material.

The Romaleos 3s have a newly designed base, which has a honeycomb-esque structure. It keeps the heel stable and strong. This made the shoe lighter, but just as strong as the previous Romaleos 2 model. When we flip the shoe over we can see a cool aesthetic feature Nike added, which is the shoe’s color scheme visibility through the honeycomb structure. TPU heels have become somewhat of a standard for lifting shoes because they are sturdy and durable material.

Specifications of Nike Romaleos 3:

  • It is made up of leather.
  • The type of shoe is foot strike.
  • The terrain of the shoe is a road.
  • It has a weight of 2 pounds.
  • The shoe was released in August 2016.



  • The shoes are very sturdy and have almost no “squish” in the heel.
  • They use Flexible Flywire Material
  • This shoe has Honeycomb TPU Plate.
  • They have Lightweight Construction.
  • These shoes have two Soles (Soft & Firm)
  • Outer leather and mesh material provide these shoes with comfort, durability, and breathability.
  • The shoes have a hefty build.
  • To improve the artistic look of shoes Nike placed a bunch of parallel diagonal plastic lines over the outer part of the heel.
  • The midfoot strap minimizes the risk of slipping.




  • You cannot walk a long distance with them.
  • These shoes are narrow pair.
  • They have thin heel cups.
  • These shoes are a little bit expensive.
  • They have only one strap support.
  • The tongue quickly tears off after intensive use
  • The strap of the shoe does not stay latched.
  • It has a narrow forefoot and it may not be appropriate for specific foot shapes.

Editions and Colorways of Nike Romaleos 3

The Viking Quest:

This is the version of Romaleos 3. The main feature of this shoe is its dark brown color and its robust military look. The strap and the shoe’s trimming are metallic greys whereas the color of the insole matches the outside.

Nike Romaleos XD:

Nike Romaleos XD is available in black, somber grey, cool grey, wolf grey, and metallic platinum color. The XD the trainer also has more cushioning on the upper unit.In America, this design embodies the American flag. The footgear combines tones of red, white, and blue. The middle section has pointed stars for the complete look of the American Flag.

Nike Romaleos XD Patch:

The XD Patch is an improvement of the Nike Romaleos 3. The strap features a Velcro-attachable material. This shoe has six emblems for users to attach.

4. Freedom:

Freedom is a limited edition of Nike’s Romaleos 3 gym shoe. This shoe features deep red and blue colors plus gold colorways. Shades, of blue, are on the heel, the rear foot, and the tongue, while the strap, the Flywire cables, and the midfoot overlay are gold. The laces feature blue, red, and white colorways. It has a beautiful combination.

The Final Verdict:

The Nike Romaleos 3 are an aesthetic, flexible, and lightweight shoe. The Nike Romaleos 3s were created for strength sports but are best for weightlifting. This shoe is lighter than the previous versions and features a single strap which provides shoe security. Nike Romaleos 3 is different because it has Flywire material which is used to compose the upper shoe construction. This material creates increased shoe flexibility, which will take less time to break in and is used by many weight lifters. It comes with a solid and firm insole and sole. The heel is also raised considerably increasing your stability during heavy lifts. With the supportive design and a sturdy sole unit of Nike Romaleos, the shoe delivers excellent results in weight lifting. It has lightweight nature, breathable design, and reliable cushioning.

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