Nike Revolution 5 review

Running and Affordable Shoe: Nike revolution 5

Nike Revolution 5  is a good entry-level, affordable, attractive, lightweight, and desirable shoe. And we think why not we have to do a Nike Revolution 5 review because this a great shoe.

So, everyone needs a daily running affordable shoe. It is made with soft foam that ensures you to comfortably run through shorter distances like 6 to 7 kms. It provides more durability than its league competitors.

Nike has done a great job over its previous model Nike Revolution 4.Which takes Nike revolution 5 to another level that makes it competitive over its competitors in the market and also contains some great characteristics of Nike expensive models i.e quality or style.

When you unbox the Nike revolution 5, the first impression on the shoe is like it feels expensive like Nike’s other expensive models. First, the feel in the feet are very lightweight and excellent. It’s fit comfortably and also it is true to size.

The laces of the Nike revolution are Quite short in size and don’t make hurdles in running or walking. Overall the feel is light with a comfortable fit. If you are excited to know about Nike Fly Flyknit click here.

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Key features of Nike revolution 5

  • The shoe is made with fabric and has a synthetic sole.
  • The shaft measures low-top about from the arch.
  • Shoe contain lightweight material and a soft, comfy midsole. Which help you running in comfort.
  • Due to fabric it is a breathable shoe.Also contain a reinforced heel and no-sew overlay which give support and durability.
  • It has a rubbersole and sole contain zigzag pattern which provide you a better traction.
  • The soft (EVA) ethylene vinyl acetate  foam midsole deliver smooth and stable ride.This textured outer wall help to reduce weight and hide creases.  


  • The (EVA) ethylene vinyl acetate foam make it lightweight midsole. Which provide balance cushioning. 
  • This EVA material provide a softer and more responsive and soothing ride during running.And nike also featured the EVA foam in other popular running and expensive shoes.
  •  The shoe is fitted with a soft sockliner which provide better landing during running or jumping etc.


  • It contains a reliable rubber material  which is great in its running companion.
  • The shoe rubbersole provide excellent grip and traction on dry and wet places.
  • Flex grooves in the outsole are design strategically to enhance the gripping perfomance of shoe.
  • The deep groove also helps in making this shoe more flexible and reliable.

The Upper part of shoe

  • The shoe upper has a minimalist and attractive design that is perfect for gym sessions or some activities like this and make it not only for running purpose.
  • It contains a lightweight knit material which keeps the foot always ventillated and keep helping the foot in cool,dry and comfy.
  • The upper knit provide breathability without compromising the shoe durabillity.
  • The shoe uses a hook and loop closure which help the user to adjust the tightness around the shoe.  

Updates of Nike Revolution 5

The updates of Nike revolution 5 over the previous ones are that this shoe conatain modest design.

The shoe knit nesh give it a cleaner look that is perfect for running, jogging or for other activites.

The new deep sole design provides it a great grip over the previous ones which naturally flex and bend with the foot.

Here are all the verdicts, pros, and cons about Nike Revolution 5 according to experts and Users.

Positive things about Nike Revolution 5

  • Almost all the users are happy and satisfied with its ankle support, upper hug, and adhere without squeezing or making pinch points.
  • It is a budget-friendly and affordable running shoe.
  • The shoe adjustable laces are very excellent in that there is no sliding of foot or slipping of heel reported by users.
  • This show feels quite light and bends according to the foot.
  • Users said that the shoe is quite breathable for the average warm temperature.

Negative things about Nike Revolution 5

  • So the cushioning in Nike Revolution 5 is opposite to the company claims. It is rigid, hard, and thin.
  • The durability of the shoe is not good. according to some buyers, it is less than the average.
  • And the shoe feel is cheap on the feet. Because it shows visible glue marks on the shoe.
  • Other than this shoe bend according to foot, there is an annoying and irritating sound according to some users.  

Competitor and their comparison

According to price range, the competitor of (1)Nike Revolution 5 is the  (2)Nike Downshifter 10. Both Shoes have their own characteristics over the other.

  • Both the shoe has the almost same price.
  • (1) It has a weight of about 255g. (2) It has a weight of about 264g. 
  • (1) It has a firm cushioning. (2) It has a balanced cushioning. 
  • (1)It has fabric surfaces. (2) It has textile and synthetic surfaces.
  • (1) It has a lightweight knit upper material. (2) It has a mesh upper surface.
  • (1) It has 63 colorways. (2) It has 30 colorways.

  Final Decision

According to us, Nike gives you what did you pay for. It is a low-price Nike so it has just the essence of the Nike revolution series. Most of the users buy it for casual use or for some short gym sessions or walking periods. That’s why we make a Nike Revolution 5 Review for users that wants a shoe for their daily routine. And also this is a good selling shoe and people like it.



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