New Balance 1080v10 (Review): A masterpiece in the world of shoes

New Balance 1080v10: A masterpiece in the world of shoe Review

The New Balance 1080v10 is a comfortable road running shoe. It’s the new product of New Balance line. This is a significant new version from the past version of the 1080 and  HYPOKNIT and NB’s new Fresh Foam X make this look like a completely different shoe.

The 1080v10 is firmer, heavier, and more stable than popular Beacon model, within New Balance’s running shoe line. It is also noticeable that it is the first New Balance shoe to debut Fresh Foam X. It has an eye-catching design with a simple and clean white foam and black knit making the shoe artistically pleasing.

The aggressive rocker shape of the shoe also enhances the design and the Fresh Foam X design of the 1080v10 is very firm. The rocker shape of the shoe helps in maintaining balance while running. The outsole and midsole help with running on dirt roads and mellow trails, but we cannot actually say it is a trail shoe. It is actually long trail running shoe. It is best shoe for daily use, fartlek, and tempo sessions. If you are interested in a shoe with planter fasciitis then check out Brooks Ghost 13

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Key features of New Balance 1080v10:

  • It has a Blown rubber outsole
  • The shoe was designed for the 50th anniversary of the 2021 TCS New York City Marathon.
  • The shoe is Engineered with a knit synthetic and mesh material.
  • It also has a Hypo knit upper designed to provide areas of support and stretch.
  • The Ultra Heel design of the shoe hugs the back of the foot for a snug and supportive fit.
  • The ride given by the shoe is very comfortable because of the Fresh Foam midsole cushioning which is precisely engineered.
  • It has an 8 mm drop.
  • A Blown rubber outsole.
  • The materials are 50% Synthetic and 50% Mesh.
  • The shoe has a Rubber sole.
  • It is a Cushioned Running Shoes for Every Runner.
  • These shoes use the latest advancements of New Balance.
  • These are Breathable and Lightweight Running Shoes.
  • The Orth Olite sock liner in these shoes helps keep runner feet feel fresh as you run your toughest runs.
  • A new engineered knit upper of this shoe is sleek and comfortable.
  • It is bouncy, responsive, and light.
  • The shoe has a more pronounced curve.
  • New balance 1080v10 is super responsive and springy.
  • These does not have an overly plush collar lining and tongue.
  • It has a secure fit.
  • This shoe is lightweight than the other shoes in the same class like UltraBoost and Glycerin.

Upper of New balance 1080v10:

The New balance fresh foam 1080v10 has the best ever upper a running shoe could have.

  • The upper is made up of Hypoknit, a soft, stretchy knit. The shoe is smoother and thinner better than the Adidas Primenet and NikeFlynet.
  • It has a structured heel counter that holds the heel in place without irritating the Achilles because it flares away from the foot
  • It has a relaxed fit and will stretch if you have extra wide feet because toe box is roomy.
  • When we talk about the padded tongue, it is soft, filled with medium amounts of foam, and is partially gusseted.
  • The feature that ensures that there is no tongue slide is that the upper is attached via a band on either side.
  • When we have a look at the midfoot, there is reflective Trace Fibre stitching on the midfoot to provide some lightweight structure. It kinds looks like a volcano.
  • The shoe contains a features that are must-have for a flagship shoe like double last row eyelets double last row eyelets are present so that you can do heel lock lacing for a snugger fit.
  • New balance 1080v10 can be used as a casual shoe and is great for this purpose.
  • It is unbelievably light weight for a shoe with such a large stack height.
  • The shoe has a high toe spring, designed to enjoy and ease the foot of runner through the gate cycle.


The blown rubber outsole of the shoe is segmented. It has five separate lug sections. The segmented outsole makes the forefoot more flexible. The protruding blown rubber lugs are not very durable and has less mileage.

You could see abrasions on the outer heel area after just the first run. The outsole is not very flat. The area in the middle that is not covered by rubber will show the most wear over time.


New Balance provide a bigger wedge with bouncy Fresh Foam X midsole foam. The medial side (the inside of the shoe, back half of the foot) has been built-up slightly as a bulwark to give a kind of soft medial post for any fatigue-based overpronation when you’re on your long weelend run.


Outsole rocker

The outsole grooves have been played with a little and NB reckons the new multi-directional configuration gives better flex as well as grip in wet conditions. The outer sole is the type of sole which is liked by our runners.


  • It has Immaculate upper.
  • The shoe is lightweight for such a thick midsole
  • This shoe is very stable
  • It has Thick Ortholite insole.
  • The shoe has a max cushion with just the proper amount of softness, compared to previous versions of these shoes.
  • It is excellent for long-distance running.
  • HYPOKNIT over toe box feature can work with wide feet.
  • The Rocker bottom design of this shoe is excellent for plantar fasciitis.


  • It is not super soft like it should be.
  • The shoe size is considered small.
  • The Foam of the shoe might not be soft enough and comfortable for some runners.
  • The Ultra heel design is uncomfortable and makes a loose fit in the long run for the runners.
  • The outsole of the shoe is not very durable.
  • It has lumpy forefoot transitions.

Comparison Of New Balance 1080v10 with other shoes

1. New Balance 1080 v10 vs. Adidas Ultraboost 19

New Balance 1080 v10 and Adidas Ultraboost have thick, chunky midsoles, but the Ultraboost 9’s Boost midsole is heavy.  The Ultraboost’s insole also slides around in the shoe. The 1080 v10 has the superlative upper.

2.New Balance 1080v10 vs. Nike Pegasus Turbo 2

When we compare New Balance 1080v10 and the Nike Pegasus we will notice that the Pegasus Turbo 2 has the better midsole whereas the 1080 v10 has a more comfortable upper. The 1080 v10 is also cheaper. The Pegasus Turbo 2 is softer and bouncier.

3.New Balance 1080v10 vs. ASICS Cumulus 21

By comparing these two shoes we will know that they both have amazing uppers but the 1080 v10 is better looking than ASICS Cumulus 21. The Cumulus 21 has more padding and offers more protection for marathon distances.

The Final Verdict

The runners liked everything about this shoe,that is why it was named Best In Test in Spring/Summer 20 Shoe Buyer’s Guide. The shoe is designed for the neutral runner to use for their everyday and longer training runs.

The shoe is very durable and flexible. The New Balance 1080v10 is more suitable for the heel striker than the midfoot striker. It is the new addition to the family of the runner shoes. It gives higher mileage and provides a bit more stability. They aid the push-off. It is a pleasure for the feet of runners. It is a very good shoe. And for longer runs it is a great shoe.

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