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Brooks Ghost 13 is a running shoe and one of Brook’s best-selling shoes. Many peoples ask different questions about the shoe. Why it is Brooks best selling shoe? Is Brooks Ghost 13 good for plantar fasciitis? Or is it really Brooks ghost 13 a good shoe? After all, it is a good shoe and that’s why we did Brook Ghost 13 review.

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Brooks Ghost 13: Comfortable Running Shoe

Brooks ghost series was firstly launched in 2008 and replace the Brooks Burn. With the passage of time, small changes were made in the shoe. And it becomes one of the best neutral training shoes. It is due to its reliability as a daily trainer shoe out of  Nike pegasus, Asics gel Cumulus and more.

Brooks Ghost 13 was released on 9 September and it is better than its previous model. It’s one of the best comfortable and standing all-day shoes. It’s true that most of the sales of a company come from its mid-priced products. Brooks ghost 13 falls in the row of the mid-priced comfortable running shoe line-up.

The shoe is great for both men and women. If a person doing a job in which he or she has to stand for a long time the Brooks ghost 13 is perfect for this need.

It has a weight of about 250 grams or 8.8 which is considerably lightweight. and it has a midsole of 12 mm. Is it a unique selling point of this shoe? Maybe.

For some users, a 4mm offset is stressful rather than a 12mm. Which makes it better for them.

The shoe is the athletic type and its formation of neutral arch support excellent for persons with flatfeets.

The shoe is with rubber outsole which is grippy and good for slippery surfaces and contains a removable insole with a plush upper. which is a great trait in a shoe.

It’s a very comfortable neutral trainer shoe which is great for being a first running shoe. Because of its luxury comforts, it’s great for plantar facilities. Because of the comfort of the shoe, you feel less pain and more relaxation by putting your foot in the shoe.

On the other hand, it’s a diabetic shoe which is also a plus point of the shoe. The shoe is specially directed towards diabetic patients. 

The lace-up closure gives you to adjust it as you want. And has a mesh upper to make it breathable. The users have positive feedback about the shoe.

Key features of Brooks Ghost 13

  • It has a rubber outsole for better grip.
  • It is a certified PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe. Which is great for diabetic patients.
  • A distraction-free transition that makes your run more focused.
  • It has neutral support with a 12mm midsole.
  •  Contains a BioMogo DNA and a DNA loft cushioning which works together for the right amount of cushioning.
  • Less expensive if we see its material quality and what it delivers.
  • A crash pad ensures to absorb shock and protect from heel to toe no matter how you land.
  • A 3D fit that is soft and has a secure fit on the foot.


The midsole of the Brooks Ghost 13 is made from a dual foam setup called DNA loft on the sideways. And the middle side of the shoe made from BioMogo foam.

Both the foams are almost similar in density and due to this similarity, the ride is very stable and balanced.

A good plus point of the shoe is that you don’t feel the loft part of the shoe because it is greatly designed that the gaps in the shoe don’t feel.

Its ride is just medium-soft like Ghost 12 and Ghost 11. This medium-soft ride of the shoe is excellent and versatile for daily trainers.

I personally like Ghost 13 more because of its comfort and easy runs of length between 10 to 30 kilometers.

Its midsole is considerably soft but it handles the impact of the normal weighted person. 

The marketing pitch of Brooks Ghost 13 is ” A perfect mix of softness and responsiveness” And I think it’s true.

The midsole of the Ghost 13 is not responsive as compared to Nike pegasus but if we see the line-up it’s also the good one. The Nike pegasus is good because of its TPU-EVA blend Pwrrun midsole.

DNA Loft is the new foam of the midsole but very similar to the BioMogo. The heel-to-toe offset of 12mm is more than the other daily trainers running shoe. Because of this offset, it is the perfect shoe for beginner runners.

There is an extra foam in the sole which provides more shock absorption from heel strikes. the 12mm drop is much better for smoother and more effortles transition. The stability of Brooks Ghost 13 is great and it is one of the most stable and neutral training shoes you can buy.


The outsole of the shoe is made with two different types of rubber for better grip. A harder wearing rubber in the heel of the shoe and softer rubber in the forefoot section.

The harder rubber part is great during runs because it absorbs the shock on the foot and makes your run enjoyable. And the softer forefoot section is just great because it doesn’t allow you to feel your shock.

Brooks uses soft rubber for their shoes, a spongy density, and the thickness of the shoe outsole is thicker than most of the shoes.

The Ghost 13 full contact outsole makes the ride transition excessively smooth. There are about 3 wide flex grooves that length the whole width of the shoe beneath the forefoot which results in a flexible Brooks Ghost 13.

The upper part of the Brooks Ghost 13

The upper part of the Brooks Ghost 13 is made with a mesh upper. And they called it Air Mesh. This mesh is a new soft engineered mesh from Brooks which helps Brooks to stand with its competitors.

Because of the mesh upper, I feel airy and lighter which proves that its mesh is a good quality mesh. And a breathable interior makes it greater for those who suffer from excessive sweat.

The shoe has a generous amount of foam in its tongue for the collar and heel. Due to its wide wings it holds the foot in place. The stiff internal counter for the heel does a great job of holding the heel in its place.

The Brooks Ghost 13 has a high-volume forefoot. That’s the reason that Ghost 13 is much roomier than Ghost 12.

Due to its high volume for foot, it’s great for wide feet and also great for flat feet. It’s great except that it doesn’t have a gusseted tounge.

The heel counter of ghost 13 is not as streamlined as Ghost 12. its result is the less padded heel counter. Otherwise, it’s great. 

Here are all the verdicts, pros, and cons about Brooks Ghost 13 according to experts and Users.

Positive things about Brooks ghost 13

  • A good daily trainer running shoe for road running
  • Very comfortable ride during long and slow walk running.
  • A diabetic shoe which is a blessing for diabetes patient.
  • The shoe provides a smoother transition with a toe box.

Negative things about Brooks Ghost 13

  • Too soft and too flexible.
  • Less durable. Not for more than 300 kilometers.


If we compare (1)Brooks ghost 13 with (2) Brooks ghost 12 then it is a better shoe.

(1)A softer underfoot than(2) ghost 12.

(1)A plusher wrap than the (2) previous one.

(1) Provide better breathability due to its Air mesh (2) less breathable.

(1)Provides accommodating fit and smoother ride (2) less in both terms.

(1) More flexible and lighter than the previous one (2) less flexible and heavier than successor

Final verdict

If you want a shoe for a stable and consistent ride then get the Ghost 13. The shoe stands out because it has no major flaws and great well-round shoe.

It’s not the softest shoe although. But a good one. For beginner runners, the shoe is a great start them. If a hefty weight is not a problem then it’s good for a tempo run or for a recovery run.

It has one of the best upper and one of my favourite because of its balanced ride. It is one of the best stable shoes. but falls back in outsole durability.

In my opinion just if the outsole is changed and makes it more durable then this shoe is one of the best mid-priced shoes.







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