Want The Best Running Shoes For Supination and Pronation

Big brand names are making fantastic shoes from a time and target their audience that which shoes they want or which type of shoe user have to use for different circumstances. Before we thoroughly dive into the best running shoes for supination or pronation let’s check.

Some best running shoes for supination 

1.Brooks Ghost 13

2.Nike Dual Fusion Run 2

3.Asics Gel Cumulus 21

4.Asics Gel-Kayano Lite

5.Saucony Triumph 18

There are other great running shoes for supination and under pronation but these selected shoes are the best ones from previous years 2020, 2019, and so on.

So firstly let me explain to you what is the cause of supination or what is under pronation. So you work which is very hard or your work is like where you have a lot of pressure on your feet and your foot roll.

OR you run hard, or maybe it is because of your genes which cause supination or under pronation genetically. It also may be caused by your previous injury which you didn’t deal with carefully and caused this.

It also may be caused by lack of exercise because when you don’t exercise your joints will become in bad shape. The cause of supination or under pronation is also occurred due to wearing the wrong shoes

because when you wear a shoe which is not according to your feet shape or size the shoes bend your feet and due to wearing that shoe, again and again, your bones become supinated or under pronate.

The best running shoes for supination and pronation and what are supination or pronation

So do high arches causes supination? Maybe it will cause supination or pronation it depends because the shape of the arch is very important when your foot hits the ground it may cause. That’s why wearing a shoe that is more like to your foot shape is imporatnt.


It is by genetically or by some hard exercise or physical work. Because when you work or do some physical activity there is a pressure on your feet and it causes rolling the foot if the foot roll outward then it says that the foot supinated.


Similarly when you some hard work or something like that your foot becomes rolling some time. And the rolling of the foot inward is called pronation.

Excessive supination and under pronation

Excessive supination or under pronation will be dangerous for you. Because it may be a cause of excessive pain for you that you suffer from difficulty. If you did not feel pain or muscle stretch for the time it may be possible or it will maybe in the future.

And then you will in problem and you say that probably you had to wear a good shoe for this that solve and fix this foot issue or even restrict it. But the time was passed.

Because of supination or pronation, you may be suffering from some bad conditions in your life and you have to be careful about this.

So when you supinate you have to wear a shoe that has extra cushioning because cushioning is the best thing for your foot that protects your foot from supination.

Or if you suffer from pronation you may have a shoe that has great stability. And also the other most important thing with stability is the right arch support which protects your foot from pronation.

Although the most important things which have to be in both conditions are a great amount of shock absorb quality and high arch support. 

So before you buy a shoe in this situation check it carefully or if you want a guide for the best shoes for standing all day click here. 

  Features that should be in the best shoes for supination and pronation

 Arch support

When you wear a shoe with a high arch it prevents your foot from land wrongly. And prevents the pressure from landing unevenly applied on your foot. Which causes supination or pronation or if it already happened it increasing the problem.

The high arch helps to prevent the foot from rolling. Because when the foot land the high arch will divide this pressure evenly. Which converts the hard landing into a smooth land and provides better motion control and movement of your foot.


In this situation, the shoe with a great amount of cushioning is very good for your feet because when you land on the surface the harder you land more pressure area is on your foot.

Good cushioning in walking and running is great because we early mention the pressure on your foot if the shoe has a great amount of cushioning the shock of the impact lessens which prevents your foot from supination and pronation. 

Another thing an EVA cushioned shoe or gel is a great thing in shoe cushioning make it an excellent shock absorber and provide protection for your foot.

Fit to your foot

If you want to buy a pair of shoes you have to see that if the shoe is fit for your foot not too loose that your foot moving in the shoe.

Or the shoe is very tight and huggy that you not move your foot a little bit and make it frustrating to wear the shoe.

So every time you buy a shoe confirm that you are comfortable with your shoe posture and fitting.

Flexibility of shoe

Not only in these cases but you have to wear a shoe with great flexibility. Because flexibility of the shoe helps the user to move the shoe according to his/her ease.

Every human being wants comfort in his life. So he has to be comfier in all aspects of life even he will be anywhere or anytime in life. 

The flexibility of the forefoot of the shoe and the construction of the shoe is if good and great then you have to choose that shoe because that one is good for your problem.


The shoe you want to wear in this situation is a shoe that is lightweight because the more the shoe is light the better you are comfortable with your shoe. So the lightweight shoe is also good for your other daily and routine activities.

And the lightweight shoe is also a very comfortable shoe that makes your daily sessions easier to perform and you perform it excellently. 


Another great thing that should be in the best running shoe for supination and pronation is the breathability of the shoe. Some shoe has a mesh upper which is great for breathability and keeps moisture away from you.


The outsole is also a good feature for the best running shoe for supination or a running shoe for pronation. Because when you run there is a chance of slipping from the surface.

Or a shoe that has a rubber sole has a great amount of grip on the surface and doesn’t allow the shoe to slip which is good. And this feature should be in the shoe for the supinated foot or in the shoe for pronation.

Here are some best budgeted shoes for bad knees, ankle support, high and low arches shoes for supination and pronation,

List of some best running shoes for pronation and supination

1)Brooks Ghost 13

Brooks ghost 13 - weargear5

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A stable ride
Upper part very luxurious
Very smooth ride
Very different ride experience

One of the shoes Brooks Ghost 13 is the best shoe for supinated foot and an ideal for walking and running in this situation. It has a very thick midsole of about 12mm which is great in shock absorbing. 

This thick sole makes this shoe a shock absorber and also a supinated foot. And also a stable best running shoe for supination. It offered in a wide width as well as in a narrow fitting.

It is a segment of the shoe that ensures a smoother and stable ride. This ensures that however your feet land on the surface the shoe provides stability and your foot is always in good posture.

The shoe is very firm that makes it better for users. And the fit of the shoe is soft and provides a secure fit for your foot and has ample toe room.The shoe also contains a mesh upper which makes it breathable.

The shoe has comfy soft and plush underfoot cushioning which is better for supination.

So this is an ideal shoe, that’s why it is number one and it is available for both men and men.

Which Brooks shoe is best for supination? I say the Brooks Beast 13.

2)Nike Dual Fusion Run 2


Nike Dual Fusion Run 2 - weargear5

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A versatile mesh upper
Irritation free construction
Dual-density gives excellent stability 

Nike is a big brand name that makes impressive products for its customers. The shoe comes with a great amount of support and security during your running and walking.

The shoe contains a mesh upper surface that makes the shoe more airy and breathable. This Nike has a double bounded upper layer which makes it durable. 

Its one great feature is that it has a no-sew construction design which makes it an attractive and non-irritating shoe for a supinated and pronated foot. Due to this no-sew, the shoe feels like a sock which prevents the foot from excess sweating.

The shoe also has a dual-density foam which gives enough amount of support. It is especially good and relevant for plantar fasciitis problems.

It has an outsole that is also made from rubber and this rubber provides you excellent grip and durability on surfaces. Which is a great thing for shoes.

3)Asics Gel Cumulus 21

Asics Gel Cumulus 22 - weargear5


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Gives smooth ride
A breathable upper part
Feels lighter than the previous model
Excellent cushioning


The Asics Gel Cumulus 16 is a great shoe as we see other shoes and also better than its previous model.

Because it has a thick sole which provides you stability and makes the run confident. This thick sole is also a good shock absorber during a hard landing.

Due to its thick shock-absorbing quality, the is great for considering the best running shoe for supination and best running shoe for pronation.

It is also a lightweight shoe and a very reliable shoe. Due to its lightweight, it gives a very smooth ride for users.

The shoe contains a breathable upper part for the foot which is helpful in prevent excessive sweating during running or walking.

The Excellent cushioning gives you a proper fit which helps the supinated or pronated foot to fit excellently and provides you comfort and ease.

4)Asics Gel-Kayano Lite

Asics Gel-Kayano Lite - weargear5



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Very stable ride
Lightweight and instant energy return
Very stylish looking

Asics Gel-Kayano Lite is also one of the best running shoes for supination and pronation. Because it is a very versatile shoe in design and not only in design also in quality. 

The shoe softness and arch support are very comfortable and excellent. And the feel of this model is far better than the previous models which makes it stands out from other Asics.

The softness of the shoe is valuable when there is no other compromise on the quality. And this Asics Gel-Kayano lite meets the criteria. The shoe is noticeably softer in the ride with great stability.

 Again in the end its softness, comfiness lightness, and Asics plushness and stability make it stands out.

5)Saucony Triumph 18

Saucony Triumph 18 - weargear5



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Very deep with bottomless cushioning
Springy midsole
Outsole and midsole very durable
The plush interior of the shoe

The previous Triumph is not good and disappoints their customers, but Triumph changes and designs the whole shoe and makes the Triumph 18. Which turns the game. 

Because the new Triumph 18 is comfier and bouncier. The brand widened the midsole of the shoe to make it more stable and provide more volume for the foot.

It is a little bit similar to the previous one but it has way more upgrades and improvements than the previous one. it has a less constrict upper part. the stable ride without any instability.

There is ample Pwrrun+ foam beneath the foot regardless of its pattern. The quality of this shoe is also incredible. That’s why it is in the top 5 best running shoes for supination and best running shoes for pronation.   

6)ASICS Gel-Venture 7

ASICS Gel-Venture 7 - weargear5

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Cushy midsole 
Excellent responsiveness due to gel-cushioning system
Great durability with excellent design
An impact guidance system (IGS)) that helps to disappear the impact on your foot

The Asics gel is a well-known name in the Asics lineup. Basically, Asics focus on the comfort of the shoe but this shoe has all that stuff that you want in the best running shoe for supination and a shoe for high arches.

It has a rubber sole called Abrasion Resistant Rubber which provides better traction, protection, and grip on the artificial surfaces. And prevents you from slip on slippery surfaces.

The shoe has a Heel Clutching System Technology which provides you a better heel fitting structure that a user love and feels at ease in the shoe.

 It fitted with a system called FluidFit Technology which means that the shoe has multi-directional stretched mesh.

The shoe is fitted with an Impact Guidance System (IGS)  which helps the shoe to prevent the effect of landing on the foot and make the landing smooth. 

So all that interesting features make it the best shoe with the best quality material.

7) Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5 

Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5 - weargear5


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Attractive color scheme
Great cushioning
A comfortable CMEVA midsole
Smoother transition

The Hoka One One series is a lineup in the Hoka brand for supination and under-pronation. The lineup has about 6 to 7 shoes for this purpose but Hoka One One challenger Atr 5 is the best one from this shoe lineup. 

The shoe provides balanced cushioning for feet and also the trial shoes for supination. The shoes are great for longer runs. the shoe has a double layer upper surface which makes these longer runs more comfortable and breathable.

The shoes have a lace-up closure which makes them huggy. The inner feels of the shoe are very comfortable. You don’t have to worry about the heel counter helps to retain fit during shifting.

The shoe has a CMEVA midsole which is comfortable and lightweight that’s targeted for supination and under pronation. If you want a supination shoe for plantar fasciitis it is a great shoe.

The updated lug pattern helps heels to lugs for a smooth heel to forefoot transition. Your forefoot feels great in this shoe

The shoe’s podular outsole helps you being in a stable position over uneven terrain. This shoe is also the best running shoes for supination by Hoka. 

8)Reebok Floatride Energy 3

reebok floatride energy 3 - weargear5


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Very comfortable cushioning
Great breathability
Wider toebox with shock less run

This 3rd version of Rebook Floatride Energy has many good things that’s why it’s here in this review. The ride of this shoe is awesome with a great outsole grip.

It is valued for money shoe. Because of whats, it offers at this price. The polyurethane is expanded and it has a great amount of softness which you will love.

The best running shoes for supination have great stability with reasonable flexibility. This shoe has both of the things. Which makes it great in these conditions.

The design of the shoe has elements that make it a neutral riding shoe. The shoe has not restricted things which makes it a freely moving shoe.

The upper part of the shoe is very simple and basic. The amount of padding in the heel and tongue is just great. Due to this padding, the ride of the shoe is very secure. And it has an unsymmetrical laces formation. It is a design carried from version 2.

9)New Balance 880V10

New Balance 880V10 - weargear5


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Great cushioning but still firm
Excellent grip on surfaces
The upper part is soft with breathability 

The New Balance 880V10 is a great shoe for supination. Because of its stability. 

The shoe has a great amount of cushioning which feels great because its cushioning is comfier. The rubber sole provides the user a great grip which is ideal for the best running shoes for supination. 

The shoe has a sole of size 10mm which is also good in shock absorbing. and prevent your foot from big shock.

It has a soft Fresh Foam midsole which is very comfortable.

The shoe has excellent control and rebound because of its heel counter and blown rubber. The footbed of this shoe is molded and supports your feet.

10)Mizuno Wave Rider 23

Mizuno Wave Rider 23 - weargear5


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Softer heel and excellent cushioning
A flexible shoe
Improved from the previous model

The Mizuno Wave Rider 23 is one of the best shoes in the Mizuno lineup. And it is Mizuno one of the best running shoe and great for supination.

The upper part of the shoe is made from mesh which provides great breathability and air in the shoe. The textile uppers are available in many colors as your choice.

Ultra-soft comfort and a secure fit due to its Wave Cushioning Technology which is great.

A very lightweight and breathable upper-moderate temperature and reduces the moisture in the shoe and prevents sweating.

It has U4cX technology which is responsive and great in cushioning and support of the foot.

The shoe is ideal for high arches and for under pronation.. The rubber of this shoe is very durable and provides high traction with surfaces.

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