Adidas Iniki: A comfortable shoe

Adidas is a well-known brand for shoes. The shoes made by Adidas are very popular around the world. Famous runners also like shoes made by Adidas. The world Iniki in (Adidas Iniki) is derive from a Hawaiian root meaning ‘sharp and piercing wind’. The shoes made by the Adidas are stylish and good looking. The iniki sneakers give modern and vintage looks. Iniki is decorate with different colors and schemes. Adidas have added the Boost technology on the bottom, to give it modern look and comfort level.

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The Adidas iniki is available for both men and women. The silhouette of the Adidas Iniki is awesome and treat for eyes of the runners. The present-day Adidas inki are evolution of the 1970s-era Iniki Runner. When first addition of these shoes was release, they were launched in just two colors, but after that they were launched in ten different colors. The shoes have ultra-soft upper which is very commendable.

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About Adidas Iniki

The upper of the Adidas Iniki Runner Boost is nylon made upper which feels like a socks. The most noticeable feature is the Boost sole. New Adidas Iniki Runner Boost shoes became were launched for public in 2017.

One of the shoes released back then was “Pride of the 70s”. This shoe features a shiny tongue which gives it an elegant look. The outsole is webbed gum rubber which provides good traction. Another worth mentioning feature is the traditional 3-stripes logo of the brand printed on the sides in a serrated form whereas the Trefoil Adidas logo branding can be seen on the tongue and heel of the shoe.


The shoe had clean colorway features with a combination of both white and off-white upper with the three Stripes and part of the heel in blue. The look of the shoe is finish with a Core Red outsole.

The Adidas also did some collaborative releases of the silhouette. One was the Neighborhood x Adidas Iniki Runner. The collaboration between the Japanese street wear brand and Adidas is simple and great.

The shoe made with a breathable and primeknit that is made with black cover of ‘NBHD’ and ‘BRGD’ which means ‘Neighbourhood Brigade’. After this Adidas collaborated with END and Bodega and released the END x BODEGA x Adidas Consortium Exchange. The creamy soft suede upper version of the Adidas Haven was the first version, whereas the denim covered Adidas Iniki Runner gives a more modern look.

Features of Adidas Iniki Runner

The feature which usually captures the attention of buyers is retro look and the Boost sole of the Adidas Iniki Runner. The Boost sole of the shoe give it a comfortable look. The shoe gives off a retro vibe.

A mesh that is streched two way and a great upper of the shoe provides a great fit for your feet. A hidden sock construction feature was also added to the shoe for an easy slip-on and additional comfort of the runner.

The 3-stripes logo of the Adidas brand can be seen print on the sides of shoe in a serrated form. An “INIKI” branding can be observe on the sides of the shoe, while the Trefoil Adidas logo branding can be seen on the tongue and heel of the shoe.


The outsole is design with webbed gum rubber to provide good traction. The shoe is very lightweight and provides a breathable feeling to foot of the runner. The shoes have durable cushioning. The foam used in shoes is 95% to 100% breathable. The shoe use the moisture management system to deal with the unpleasant smells and sweat.

In the sockliner of the shoe OrthoLite technology is use and it gives a comfortable feel to the user.  The other benefit of this ortholite technology is anti-microbial structure. The insole of the shoe is not removable.

It has the neoprene upper. This material is use in the shoe because it is lightweight, durable, and breathable. It also gives sock like fit to the shoe. The suede overlays are present in the shoes. It is present on the toe box and together with the heel counter it adds support and stability to the shoe.

Advantages Adidas Iniki Runner Shoes


The shoes give breathability and comfort because the upper of the shoe is made of neoprene with suede and textile overlays. The inner part of the shoe has mesh which also provides breathability to the shoe.


The shoes are very lightweight as it uses Neoprene upper with textile and suede materials. This makes the shoes suitable for casual wear and comfortable runs.

Security & Support

Deconstructed heel cap of the shoe increases support whereas hidden sock feature provides support and easy slip-on comfort to the user. It has rubber outsole that is grippy on various surfaces and that is why it gives security.


The shoe is very flexible because the main material, neoprene is use in the shoe. Neoprene is actually a synthetic Chloroprene rubber (foamed rubber). It is very lightweight, flexible, plastic, and somewhat strong.


The sneakers have excellent cushioning. It provides reasonable cushioning feature because of the energy-returning technology.


  • The shoes have retro type design.
  • It gives modern as well as vintage look.
  • The shoe is available in many different colors.
  • It has excellent breathability.
  • The shoe is comfortable for all type of runs.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It gives security and support to the feet of runners.
  • Neoprene upper gives flexibility to the shoe.
  • It is very durable and long-lasting.


  • The design of the shoe lacks arch support.
  • The OrthoLite Sockliner is very thin in some shoes.

Types of Adidas runners:

1. Adidas Iniki Runner Black

It is the combination of classic and modern vibe. These shoes use the most advanced running technology to produce. Suede and textile materials which are use in the upper part of the shoe. The outsole is lightweight and grippy which prevents user from slipping.

2. Adidas Iniki Runner Green

These sneakers have a vintage look and modern functionality. The shoes are decorate with deep emerald colors.

3. Adidas Iniki Runner Pink

It gives the vibes of 70s-era running shoes and use contemporary materials.

4. Adidas Iniki Runner Red

It is present in red color with white-Gum footwear. The sneakers have a classic combination of nylon and suede with EVA plugs that gives it a vintage as well as modern look.

5. Adidas Iniki Runner White

The shoe has white and pearl grey color and black core. It has two-way stretch upper, which offers flexibility. It also features a soft midsole for comfort and has a rubber outsole for durability and traction It is very comfortable and safe for runs.

6. Adidas Iniki Runner Grey

Adidas Iniki runner grey is present in grey color. It has a classic design with modern technologies. The shoe has an OrthoLite sock liner and the midsole unit of the shoe gives the best fit and comfort. This design also has printed separated.

Adidas Iniki vs Adidas I-5923

Adidas iniki is a comfortable running shoe that is great for walking and rocking on casual events. Where as Adidas I-5923 is a shoe for daily walks. People also use these sneakers for day to day activities. Due to their great design, comfort, and feel.  

Final Verdict

 It has a modern as well as vintage look. It is present in many different color schemes. The shoes are comfortable, flexible, lightweight, and durable. It features ortholite technology. It is breathable and very affordable. For daily Routine it is a great shoe because of its design and comfort. 







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